Our Team

Benjamin Hill, DDS

Dr. Hill grew up in Northern California, where his dad was one of the local dentists. He attended Washington State University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in microbiology, and he then earned his DDS degree from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry.

In 2010 Dr. Hill purchased his practice in Denison, Texas. He then started a scratch practice in Durant, Oklahoma in 2012 and has subsequently purchased and converted practices throughout North Texas. This has provided great opportunities for new doctors just out of school allowing them to work in and own practices while performing dentistry the way they were taught.

Dr. Hill established Smile Right Solutions to manage these practices and to create learning and management tools to make the owning and running of a dental practice easier and more profitable. Dr. Hill is passionate about the profession of dentistry, and is determined to empower private practitioners by providing the tools to succeed and compete in the changing world of Dentistry.

Glenn Creswell

Glenn is the Chief Project Manager for Smile Right Solutions. He grew up in Denison, Texas (which he was certain was the worst possible place to live) So, he joined the US Navy, where he “cruised” around for 10 years. During this time, he earned a BS in Education from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, attending classes on weekends and nights.

Eventually he grew tired of traveling and left the Navy to start a family and returned once more to Denison, Texas (which he was then certain was the best possible place in the world) He briefly considered a career in education, but quickly discovered it didn’t suit him. So, he followed his heart in a desire to serve others and returned to school where he earned a degree in Nursing. He enjoyed the patient care aspect of his new profession, but was quickly drawn toward healthcare administration and management. He has worked in this capacity for the past 15 years.

He has a wide skill set including knowledge of construction processes, nursing processes, business startups, and healthcare administrations and management. His best attribute is his ability to effectively communicate ideas. He uses this skill to oversee the operations of Smile Right Solutions. He thrives when collaborating with people of different backgrounds to reach a common goal. His interests include playing music, fitness, sailing, and any activity he can do with his family.

Penny Estes

Penny is a Regional Director for Smile Right Solutions. She grew up in a small town in Oklahoma and has resided in Texas for the past 16 years. Her career in the dental field began in 1995 as a dental assistant and she assumed a role as a practice manager only six years later.

With 20+ years of industry experience behind her, Penny has mastered all aspects of practice management including insurance, AR, optimal scheduling and treatment presentation. Her goal is to train the dental office on the systems they need in order that the patient and doctor have a perfect and mutually satisfying experience. Penny excels in identifying trouble areas within a practice and implementing systems to correct them. She has a passion for taking struggling practices and making them efficient and profitable.

Penny enjoys spending time snow skiing in the winter and at the lake in the summer with family and friends as well as cooking, reading and traveling.

Mandy Smith

Mandy is a Regional Director for Smile Right Solutions. She began a career in the medical field over 20 years ago where she quickly found she was passionate about serving others and helping the patients she saw each day feel truly valued. She specialized in scheduling and all aspects of insurance and collections, and also started her own medical transcription business during that time.

Mandy joined Smile Right Solutions in 2012 as an insurance coordinator and quickly stepped into the role of practice manager. Since that time, she has gained comprehensive knowledge of all facets of the dental office. Mandy has assisted our team with opening several start up practices as well as empowering existing offices with the systems and processes needed to mature into a thriving dental practice.

Mandy is an avid runner and loves to watch almost any type of sporting event. She is blessed to be mom to a son and a daughter.